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Send Me a Sign

I was driving today.  Like many days, I was in my routine going from one place to the next.  I approached a stoplight and at the intersection was a homeless man with a cardboard sign.  Expecting the same pitiful "Will work for food" plea that I have seen hundreds of times before, I didn't think anything of it.  As he got closer to my vehicle, I was able to read that the sign said,"Smile & God Bless."  I did just that, too.  I couldn't help myself.

The "Elevator Speech" Fallacy

If you have been involved in business in any capacity, you have most likely heard of the "Elevator Speech."  You know, that scenario that gives you 30 seconds to pitch your business or idea.  Truth be told, it only takes 7 SECONDS to make a first impression.  Often, people have formed some form of opinion before you even open your mouth.  I encourage everyone to articulate your message, but be mindful in doing so that it is how you carry yourself that speaks louder than the words you say.

On Hold

I recently had to call the customer service center for my Internet provider.  You know the drill... voice prompts, transfers, several different people involved...After being on hold for nearly half an hour, it dawned on me... we often spend our lives "on hold."  We wait on people or circumstances to take one direction before we allow ourselves to move forward in another.  We wait on one person to make a decision and structure our events around it.  Let me be clear in saying that we do need to be considerate of others.

Abundant Scarcity

In our super-sized culture, we often harbor feelings of "abundant scarcity."  Just as we over eat and over indulge, so too, we allow our feelings of lack to overcome our positive outlook in life.  What situation in your life are you looking at with abundant scarcity?  How would you benefit from taking smaller bites and digesting the world around you in an uplifting manner?  What positive attributes are you going to embrace today?

Are You Challenging Yourself?

Are You Challenging Yourself?  This seems like a rather vague proposal, doesn't it?  Yet, it is seemingly human nature to stay in a 'comfort zone' of thinking.  Don't believe me?  Look at small children.  Have you ever noticed that no matter their size, most often, they like to play with toys that are beneath their age level?  Why do you think that is?  I have a pretty good idea...  It gives them a sense of accomplishment to conquer something.  Have you ever listened to a student practicing an instrument?

How flexible are you?

Someone once asked the Duke of Wellington how he defeated Napoleon.  The Duke replied, "Napoleon made his plans with wire.  I made my plans with string." 

Recently, I have taken an interest in watching gymnastic routines.  I am intrigued by the strength and flexibility that gymnasts posses.  Watching the different gymnasts and their styles remind me of human nature and effective leadership.  If a gymnast is tense, they are not going to be as flexible to perform at optimum levels.

Taking Root

While pulling weeds this morning, I realized how much this analogy ties into life.  I have noticed these weeds in my flowerbed for a while and due to other circumstances, for whatever reason, I did not have a chance to pull them until today.  Finally, this morning, with toddler and dog in tow, I couldn’t take it anymore.  I was tired of these weeds choking the beautiful blooming flowers that rightfully resided in this flowerbed.

My focus then shifted to my own life; Then to life in general.


One of my new favorite practices is to play solitaire on the computer.  It's not because I don't have enough to do but rather, I enjoy the opportunity to see what kind of hand I am dealt. I enjoy the challenge to see how I can work through it.  The idea is to be alert but not think too hard.  I find that if I am thinking too hard, it is more difficult to seek a resolution.  This also applies to my own life experiences.  In solitaire, I can start a new game, but it always shows up in my statistics.

Cloudy with a Chance of Grumpiness

I am constantly amazed at how some people can exude a feeling of doom without even opening their mouths.  We've all seen this, right?  The cashier chomping her gum and rolling her eyes as you approach the counter, the associates at the clothing store sighing when you interrupt their conversation.  The list goes on and on. 

I am prompted to write about this topic because it's, well... what I do.  Some people are not aware of their actions and what they are 'not' saying.  I was at a fabulous expo yesterday and arrived about halfway through the day.

InterPERSONAL Communication

Over the weekend I had the chance to talk with an acquaintance of mine.  We were speaking about interpersonal communications and how technology has made us hyper connected to each other, yet we are more out of touch to the needs of people since we don't see them as often.

I gave this topic more thought and it is so true, isn't it?  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy all the bells and whistles of the internet and I like staying in touch with friends of old, but I must admit that my penmanship has fallen to the wayside since I started working daily on a computer.
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