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Millennials Aren't the Problem... We Are!


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Start with the Takeaway

When people ask me how to write a speech, my answer is simple. "Start with the takeaway, " I say. Sometimes, I get puzzled looks. I stand by what I say, though. Whether you are entering a conversation or a presentation, it is best to have an exit strategy. What do you want to get out of it? What do you want your audience to know? 

Too often, I fall victim to hearing uninspiring messages because the speaker switches direction or does not define a clear message. Think about this.... the Gettysburg address was delivered in two and a half minutes!

The Co$t of Poor Communication

How often do you find your inner voice screaming, "We've been here before," when in a meeting or on a phone call? Our psychological noise is tuning out certain words in an effort to protect us from engaging in an argument. Then, before we know it, we have a communication breakdown on our hands. Does this sound familiar? 

The truth is, many companies are penny-wise and dollar-foolish when it comes to relating to their employees. This is translating to more meetings regarding policies and procedures and less time actively working on the task at hand to increase revenue.

Millennials Aren't the Problem... We Are!

Albert Einstein is widely known to have told us that insanity is “doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.” I often hear complaints about Millennials, yet, so few people want to move beyond their complaint into action.

The truth is, we don’t know what we don’t know. We, as older generations, have grown up with a different set of facts and expectations. We assume that other people “should” know this… but they don’t.

I can’t even quantify how many times in conducting seminars that I have looked out at faces and seen an older generational person say a derogatory comment about Millennials.

The 5 Degrees of Conflict

When we are "red hot" over a situation, we don't often peel away the layers to see what is truly the root of our anger. In fact, when someone states that they are angry, I challenge them to name another emotion. More often than not, under anger is hurt, embarrassment... or even shame.
The next time your blood begins to boil, remember these "degrees" of conflict. Perhaps your conflict does not have to be consumed in flames. Maybe the conflict is luke warm, instead.

Here are the degrees of conflict:

How to Get Along With Difficult People Without Losing Your Mind

If someone were to ask you to mention a person that you do not get along with, you would likely be able to name this person very quickly. Generally speaking, we usually have a short list of individuals that thwart us in our daily lives. Sometimes, just thinking about them makes us angry even if they didn't say or do anything... this time. You know that person... They sit by you at work, they question your motives. They are seemingly more concerned about your work than their own.

Eventually what happens is thatwe hope this person will leave the company or retire.

How to Make Wise Decisions in 3 Easy Steps

A rule in sales is that life's most important decisions are made within 48 hours. Anything longer than that will likely result in the answer being, "no."

If you are like many Americans, you work all day long making decision after decision and rush home to stumble upon the decision of what to make for dinner. Sound familiar? There is a reason for this... Throughout the day, we acquire "Decision Making Fatigue." This is not a fancy, fan-dangled, fad. It is a real issue and it effects us in more ways than we know.

How Engaged Is YOUR Workforce?

Do you feel exhausted clarifying company expectations to your employees every day?
Do you believe that a majority of your employees lack enthusiasm or a sense of urgency?
Do you struggle keeping your employees on task?
If you answered "yes," to any one of the above questions, you are spending your company's time and money in the wrong place.

The workplace is changing at the speed of the technology and we, as humans, are faced with the challenge of keeping that pace. IT (Information Technology) effects our health, our relationships and our careers.


Anyone who is familiar with winters in the Midwest is well aware of the cold temperatures and hazardous road conditions that are a byproduct of this weather.  This winter has been exceptionally harsh. 

Recently, I was driving and I was sliding everywhere.  I had very little traction.  In that moment, I had a choice, I could allow anxiety to gain dominance or I could take a deep breath, keep my eyes on the road, and take the corners more slowly.

Is this ringing a bell?  When in your life have you turned the corners a little too quickly and lost control?

The "Elevator Speech" Fallacy

If you have been involved in business in any capacity, you have most likely heard of the "Elevator Speech."  You know, that scenario that gives you 30 seconds to pitch your business or idea.  Truth be told, it only takes 7 SECONDS to make a first impression.  Often, people have formed some form of opinion before you even open your mouth.  I encourage everyone to articulate your message, but be mindful in doing so that it is how you carry yourself that speaks louder than the words you say.
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