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5 Ways Yankees Can Help After Hurricane Harvey
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Millennials Aren't the Problem... We Are!


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5 Ways Yankees Can Help After Hurricane Harvey

This post is a little different than most of my other blogs. I try to stick with communication and professional topics on this page. I would be remiss, however, if I didn't address what is going on this very minute in our country.

In the wake of Hurricane Harvey ravaging Texas and Louisiana, I am reminded of my own events this past year. As many of you know, we lost our home to a fire in December of 2016. I was out of town and I didn't know what I would come "home" to, or where my home would be.

Millennials Aren't the Problem... We Are!

Albert Einstein is widely known to have told us that insanity is “doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.” I often hear complaints about Millennials, yet, so few people want to move beyond their complaint into action.

The truth is, we don’t know what we don’t know. We, as older generations, have grown up with a different set of facts and expectations. We assume that other people “should” know this… but they don’t.

I can’t even quantify how many times in conducting seminars that I have looked out at faces and seen an older generational person say a derogatory comment about Millennials.

The 5 Degrees of Conflict

When we are "red hot" over a situation, we don't often peel away the layers to see what is truly the root of our anger. In fact, when someone states that they are angry, I challenge them to name another emotion. More often than not, under anger is hurt, embarrassment... or even shame.
The next time your blood begins to boil, remember these "degrees" of conflict. Perhaps your conflict does not have to be consumed in flames. Maybe the conflict is luke warm, instead.

Here are the degrees of conflict:

How to Get Along With Difficult People Without Losing Your Mind

If someone were to ask you to mention a person that you do not get along with, you would likely be able to name this person very quickly. Generally speaking, we usually have a short list of individuals that thwart us in our daily lives. Sometimes, just thinking about them makes us angry even if they didn't say or do anything... this time. You know that person... They sit by you at work, they question your motives. They are seemingly more concerned about your work than their own.

Eventually what happens is thatwe hope this person will leave the company or retire.

How to Make Wise Decisions in 3 Easy Steps

A rule in sales is that life's most important decisions are made within 48 hours. Anything longer than that will likely result in the answer being, "no."

If you are like many Americans, you work all day long making decision after decision and rush home to stumble upon the decision of what to make for dinner. Sound familiar? There is a reason for this... Throughout the day, we acquire "Decision Making Fatigue." This is not a fancy, fan-dangled, fad. It is a real issue and it effects us in more ways than we know.


Anyone who is familiar with winters in the Midwest is well aware of the cold temperatures and hazardous road conditions that are a byproduct of this weather.  This winter has been exceptionally harsh. 

Recently, I was driving and I was sliding everywhere.  I had very little traction.  In that moment, I had a choice, I could allow anxiety to gain dominance or I could take a deep breath, keep my eyes on the road, and take the corners more slowly.

Is this ringing a bell?  When in your life have you turned the corners a little too quickly and lost control?

Send Me a Sign

I was driving today.  Like many days, I was in my routine going from one place to the next.  I approached a stoplight and at the intersection was a homeless man with a cardboard sign.  Expecting the same pitiful "Will work for food" plea that I have seen hundreds of times before, I didn't think anything of it.  As he got closer to my vehicle, I was able to read that the sign said,"Smile & God Bless."  I did just that, too.  I couldn't help myself.

On Hold

I recently had to call the customer service center for my Internet provider.  You know the drill... voice prompts, transfers, several different people involved...After being on hold for nearly half an hour, it dawned on me... we often spend our lives "on hold."  We wait on people or circumstances to take one direction before we allow ourselves to move forward in another.  We wait on one person to make a decision and structure our events around it.  Let me be clear in saying that we do need to be considerate of others.

Abundant Scarcity

In our super-sized culture, we often harbor feelings of "abundant scarcity."  Just as we over eat and over indulge, so too, we allow our feelings of lack to overcome our positive outlook in life.  What situation in your life are you looking at with abundant scarcity?  How would you benefit from taking smaller bites and digesting the world around you in an uplifting manner?  What positive attributes are you going to embrace today?

Are You Challenging Yourself?

Are You Challenging Yourself?  This seems like a rather vague proposal, doesn't it?  Yet, it is seemingly human nature to stay in a 'comfort zone' of thinking.  Don't believe me?  Look at small children.  Have you ever noticed that no matter their size, most often, they like to play with toys that are beneath their age level?  Why do you think that is?  I have a pretty good idea...  It gives them a sense of accomplishment to conquer something.  Have you ever listened to a student practicing an instrument?
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