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Start with the Takeaway
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Just Saying: A Professional Speaker's Guide to Presentations That Pay
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Public Speaking

Start with the Takeaway

When people ask me how to write a speech, my answer is simple. "Start with the takeaway, " I say. Sometimes, I get puzzled looks. I stand by what I say, though. Whether you are entering a conversation or a presentation, it is best to have an exit strategy. What do you want to get out of it? What do you want your audience to know? 

Too often, I fall victim to hearing uninspiring messages because the speaker switches direction or does not define a clear message. Think about this.... the Gettysburg address was delivered in two and a half minutes!

Just Saying: A Professional Speaker's Guide to Presentations That Pay

I am a professional speaker. I love what I do. I am good at what I do. I will speak at events and even donate my talent and expertise often. HOWEVER, in the beginning, this became an issue when it was assumed that I would drop what I was doing to do a event for free. I hear the same song from many people just starting in the speaking arena. They say, "I still have transportation costs, overhead for my business, and several years invested in the research I have done to become an expert in my field.

How to Make Wise Decisions in 3 Easy Steps

A rule in sales is that life's most important decisions are made within 48 hours. Anything longer than that will likely result in the answer being, "no."

If you are like many Americans, you work all day long making decision after decision and rush home to stumble upon the decision of what to make for dinner. Sound familiar? There is a reason for this... Throughout the day, we acquire "Decision Making Fatigue." This is not a fancy, fan-dangled, fad. It is a real issue and it effects us in more ways than we know.

The "Elevator Speech" Fallacy

If you have been involved in business in any capacity, you have most likely heard of the "Elevator Speech."  You know, that scenario that gives you 30 seconds to pitch your business or idea.  Truth be told, it only takes 7 SECONDS to make a first impression.  Often, people have formed some form of opinion before you even open your mouth.  I encourage everyone to articulate your message, but be mindful in doing so that it is how you carry yourself that speaks louder than the words you say.


Yay me!  I am finally writing my very first blog.  Thanks for sharing this moment!

In starting this blog, I want to lay a couple of ground rules.  While, I believe it is important to  "agree to disagree,"  I would like for these posts to be informative and uplifting.  Please do not speak uncharitably about fellow bloggers and try to remain as positive as possible.  We experience enough 'yuck' in our daily lives that I would like for this to be a safe haven of information and inspiration.
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