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Renee Crews, CEO of Metamorphosis Communications Training

Introducing Metamorphosis U!

You have big aspirations for your organization.  What you likely don't have is an abundance of time and resources. 

Did you know that employers get a 62 cent-on-the-dollar return in wages paid to employees?  Why is this? poor communication and lack of training with a hefty price tag. Employees are often not engaged and employers are not keeping up with the demand to keep their employees encouraged and engaged. 

At Metamorphosis, we offer to alleviate this issue and take you out of the hot seat. Our newest avenue to do this is in Online, On-Demand Training. Don't worry, we still go onsite, too, but this way you and your employees can also learn on your own schedule. No more days away from the office and per diems to cover. We also provide a dashboard for employers so that you can see how far along your employees are in your chosen coursework for them. This is the number one way to motivate your employees and still have them available when you need them.

Maybe you are not an employer, but you realize you need to improve your skills. That is ok, too. Give us a call and we can customize a program for you. Our comprehensive programs start at just $499 for a minimum of 12 hours of study. We also offer CPEs and Certifications on select courses.

Service Menu:

  • Onsite Communication Workshops
  • Onsite Sanitation/Food Safety Workshops
  • Leadership Skills Consulting
  • Team Building Coaching
  • Keynote/Motivational Speaking

***Now Introducing***
                          ONLINE TRAINING COURSES!

Online Training Courses (12-month access)
Explore several modules to enhance your professional and personal development on demand!
Price: $499.00

We also offer private sessions for:
  • Individual Coaching

We travel nationally for engagements. 
Please call 708.945.5966 for more information.
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